Still Life, Does It have to Just Sit There?

Still Life, Does It have to Just Sit There?


We have to admit that as beginners first stepped into the world of digital photography and photo booth rentals, we all thought that still life simply meant portrait shots in black and white, like the way old portrait shots were taken. However, still life these days can be more interesting that what we might think. Try these following tips and tricks for interesting applications, simply adjust perspective and lighting, and still life can now have a story.

Before beginning, you have to consider the elements that are involved in still life

Life as We Know It, Capturing Action

Photographing live theater can be a challenge. The photographer has to anticipate the action to get that perfect shot. Technological advancements are a plenty, however, they cannot replace the artistry of the photographer. Here are some hints that I have found useful. No Flash! In most current productions, lighting designs are so bright; you will not need the flash. If there happens to be intimate or darker lighting, take it in stride and allow your creative Read the rest of this entry »

Why Two Cameras are Better Than One

All photos are valued from a photographers point of view and getting the shot from more than one angle is of the utmost impotance. Family photos, school pictures and anything that needs to be caught on film is what the photgrapher has been trained to recognize. Having two cameras will give them a better idea of what the final product will be. Capturing a look, a scene or even a moment that may otherwise have been missed can be achieved with two cameras. If Read the rest of this entry »

How to Obtain Proper Lighting, Indoors and Out


One of the most important factors that can make or break a photo is the lighting. Lighting is a tricky concept for a lot of people because the techniques and equipment you use will change almost every picture; however there are some basic techniques you can use to insure that you get the best quality pictures.

When taking outdoor photos it is important to consider your natural surroundings. It is often best to have photos where the person or target of your photo is standing away from the background. You must also pay attention Read the rest of this entry »

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