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  • Security – Will your new location provide safety and security for all of your employees? Be certain to check with local authorities about the area and determine what the crime rate experience is in that particular area. Ask other denizens of the area what their experiences have been.
  • Waste removal – Is this service available to support the frequency and volume of waste generated by your business? Be certain to review acceptability and cost for the removal of any waste that may be considered hazardous or unusual for your type of business.
  • Office Vending – Employee morale is critical. Can the needs of your employees be met with an affordable variety of comfort services? Be certain to provide for this very important aspect of normal daily operations. Speak with your neighbors to learn what they do or what comfort and convenience businesses may be located in close proximity to you.
  • Landscaping – Will the lay of the land support the image that you want to project to visitors and the community? Many commercial areas have covenants that will require you to design to a particular standard that has been established for the business area. Determine what those requirements are and investigate how your neighbors handle routine maintenance.
  • Insurance – Does your new facility pose any special requirements for general liability, workman’s compensation or operating insurance? Be sure to shop around even though you may have been with a particular carrier or agent in the past. Rates vary tremendously from carrier to carrier and a good broker/agent should work for you to obtain the best rates possible. Sometimes, a little creativity in structuring a policy can result in substantial savings for you.
  • General Layout – Does your plan provide for maximum productivity of your employees while it supports an efficient work flow? If you’re planning to acquire new furniture, most office furniture dealers will actually perform the space planning, layout and design for you. It’s a courtesy service that can not only save you a lot of money, but it will also ensure the best utilization of space and efficiencies for your work flow as a home service marketing agency.

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